1-3 July 2024

It was great to present and chair a session at the Printemps de la Cardiologie in Lille earlier this month! Thank you very much for the invitation!
Great to catch up with fellow Scientists of Tomorrow nucleus members from the European Society of Cardiology.

June 2024

2 grants in one month!! Proud to announce that Sanne Maas receive funding from the IZKF START grant as well as the RWTH ERS Start-Up grant to study the role of kinases in atherosclerosis!

26-29 May 2024

Looking back at a really great European Atherosclerosis Society meeting in Lyon last month.

Not only great science, but also very nice to meet all Young Fellows and other colleagues in the field again! It was inspiring and most of all also a lot of fun!

Furthermore, my team really delivered an excellent performance!!
A great oral presentation by Rosanna Huchzermeier
 and excellent SaaG presentations by Andrea Bonnin Marquez and Sanne Maas.

On top of all this, Sanne Maas was acknowledged as Finalist of the EAS early career grant!

Needless to say that I am a very proud mentor and congrats to the whole team!!
Looking forward to Glasgow 2025!

12-14 April 2024

We were happy to join the FCVB meeting this year and present our work as oral presentation and moderated poster. 

Looking back to some interesting days filled with good conversations and networking!

1 April 2024

Great news! Dr. Sanne Maas was selected for the rising star initiative of the CRC1382.

With this funding she was able to hire her first PhD student!

She is looking forward to collaborating within the Gut-Liver axis CRC in Aachen (

28 September 2023

Our SFB/TRR219 organized an educational science day for 60 high-school scholars to teach them more about cardiorenal disease, by focussing on the interactions between the kidney and the heart.


The day started with an interactive lecture to introduce the topic, followed by four different workshops. Two workshops focussed on basic science in which scholars learned more about microscopy and organs, and in which they were thought how to use a pipette. Additionally, in two clinical workshops, the scholars learned more about Echocardiography of the heart and Electrocardiograms.


The day was concluded with a joint lunch and the exposition of large impressive models of the heart, kidney and vessels.


All in all, a very successful day in which our SFB/TRR219 could share our passion for cardiorenal research with the future generation.

07-08 September 2023

Very successful annual meeting of the British Atherosclerosis Society (BAS) in Cambridge, where Dr. Sanne Maas received an Early Career Investigator Award for highest ranked abstract!!

Furthermore, I was invited to chair the Young-Community session enabling me to promote the Scientists of Tomorrow from the ESC.

07 August 2023

Happy to announce that I have completed my Habilitation and can call myself "Privat-Dozent" at the RWTH Aachen University!
Many thanks to all collaborators and my mentors over the last years, and especially my group members that surprised me with a very nice hat!!

15 June 2023

Again a great group performance at a conference! This time at the DAS (Dutch Atherosclerosis Society) in Amersfoort. A very nice oral presentation by Leonida Rakateli and great poster presentation by Andrea Bonnin-Marquez.

21-24 May 2023

Very proud on our group performance on the EAS conference this year in Mannheim. Oral presentations by Sanne Maas, Svenja Adam and myself, and a Science-at-a-glance presentation by Andrea Bonnin-Marquez. Great performances by everyone!! 

This together with the receipt of EAS fellowship finalist prize, chairing of a workshop and meeting-up with all the EAS Young-Fellows resulted in a great conference experience.

6 December 2022

I am very honoured to be selected for the Young Fellows Programme of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS). We have just had our first on-site meeting in Vienna where we discussed our projects and about science in general. 

8 November 2022

We were delighted to visit the first symposium of the Corona-Stiftung. Many grant laureates from the past years were present and we had very fruitfull discussions about our projects. Hereby we would like to thank the Corona-Stiftung again for their support of our work and organizing this interesting symposium!

20 October 2022 

We are proud to announce the opening of the ´Aachen-Maastricht Institute for CardioRenal Disease´ (AMICARE). See Brochure for more information.

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